Freitag, 28. Dezember 2007

Citystar prices

The price of the Citystar ticket is as follows:

From any station in Slovakia to any station in Russia and back (for Russian stations located more than 1500 km away from the border; for closer stations it's a little bit cheaper):

via Ukraine (visa-free for many nationalities):(prices valid till december 2013; ticket-only prices, withouth sleeper reservation)
1st person: 134,4 EUR
2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th person of a group travelling together: 67,2 EUR
children (6,-11,999 years) travelling alone: 67,2 EUR
children (6-11,999 years) travelling together with at least one adult: 33,6 EUR

See here for a Citystar-ticket from Devinska Nova Ves (Slovakia, near the Austrian border) to Ussurijsk (near Vladivostok):

Devinska Nova Ves -> Ussurijsk and back via Bratislava - (Zvolen/Zilina) - Kosice - Chop(Gr) - Mukachevo - Lvov - Ternopil - Podvolochisk - Kiev - Zernovo(gr) - Briansk - Moskva - Irkutsk for only 100 EUR (price in 2006, now it would be 134,4 EUR).
However, this is the ticket-only price, a sleeper reservation (which costs more than the ticket) is also needed!

It is also no problem to use only parts of the Citystar-ticket. It can be also used for just travelling from Moskva to Vladivostok and back. The parts Bratislava - Moskva and Moskva - Bratislava remain unused in this case.

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